Nikon D5 Review: Is a $6,500 camera better than the D810?

harga kamera gopro hero 4 silver edition we've got the Nikon D beasts it's huge and it's probably the most expensive thirty five millimeter camera ever you know why because of the old teen frames per second as ridiculous as fantastic as a sports camera that are very concerned about the dynamic range and the low ISO noise let's test that out first and we do try everything else the two cameras have different mega pixel counts the most fair way to compare the detail they capture is too skilled both images up to the high resolution as you might expect the the intense megapixels capture far more detail being cheaper smaller and lighter helps too increasing the exposure by two stops in post and then scaling the Ryman just down to the D solution we CCleaner recovered shadows from the DA name or doesn't always mean you get more dynamic range and higher pixel density doesn't necessarily mean noisier photos to test the D five as a landscape scam wrote we photographed a lighthouse with both the d and the D five because this is a real world have you used the cameras and needed a base ISO even on human day even had a long distance the DA tens higher pixel count shows noticeably more detail even without raised in the shadows the day tens ICT forces noticeably less noise considering the size and price benefits that D ten is the obvious winner for landscapes so the D five is $, what do you get when you pay that much for a camera I feel like this camera is designed to the pro in mind amateurs might not take advantage of all the features that make this thing so expensive it's got two ways that you can take pictures you can take it and landscape orientation and you've got autofocus and your joystick for your auto focus points right here but if you turned sideways vertically for your portrait orientation you also can take pictures with auto focus on your joystick this thing is incredibly weather sealed if you can handle the weather it's probably right there for you so you pros that are shooting out in any conditions to get the shot this is gonna be your buddy got a lot of other features that you might take advantage of if you just need to get that shot you can change your battery with one hand and not only that we could shot and an hour for k video and still had one bar of battery left you do not want to be fussing with your battery when you're trying to get the shot of your dreams another interesting feature in this camera is that you could get an excuse D card it keeps you from buffering when you're shooting frames per second he could also get a model of this camera that allows you to use a CIF card shooting professionally often need to associate some information with a picture you just took and defy provides two ways to do that you can use the FM three button here in the back as a shortcut to a star rating so you can quickly rated picture from one to five stars nothing you can do is use the voice memo actually record your voice associated with a picture this comes up all the time I'll take a picture of just me take a picture of somebody had event or something somebody's gonna say hey could you tag me on Instagram and then you have to try to figure out what their instruments and now you can just hit the voice record button motor destroyer on Instagram and that's associated with your picture kind of a pain if you'd like him like I do just because of bugs and poor design in Lightroom some even Mike hunt directly in the memory card like completely ignores the audio file if you copy it to your disk first and then imported from that will copy and then the audio file and then to hear the audio file you have to select it in the GridView and then look at the metadata and then click the little play icon to hear back from you wish there were like a little microphone icon or something right in the GridView but it just doesn't display that focus quickly the high frame rate of the huge advantage in the studio with usb for tethering but the g also has property Ethernet port which can allow you to run a longer piece of cable and the more flexible cables USB cables can be a little step that could also be solved by using an optical USB cable with recording is making them when this thing is I can use a touch screen on the defined to really like zoom in and kind of pan around and so they like the group portrait ready to check and make sure everybody's either sharply can save time as we expected the day tens megapixel sensor again shows far more detailed and deprives megapixels you don't always need that much detail for a portrait just nice to have because it gives you options for printing large or cropping type undercover shadows and dark-haired add texture when we don't have enough ill surprisingly the DA also showed better dynamic range in the details our coverage shadows were cleaner than the details really nice and sharp something that I really like about the deep live for studio where has this makes auto focus joystick it's easy to make sure that your i three subjects I was in focus but also if you want to shoot in a portrait orientation just put the camera you still have a joystick for your autofocus you still have the Afon but right underneath your thumb and so simple to just switch to that portrait orientation doesn't have as many bells and whistles but it does have a higher resolution and auto-focus they're not as good as the D works really well another advantage of the d for studio work later so if you're going to be him he went for a long time you might not want that massive three-pound body weighing you down ok so now I have the G five and the DA and will be using the same settings and the same lens to test the low light capability with higher ISO yeah it's really fast and it focuses better so I really tried to be a time and I know how that performs auto focusing is not as good in low light and it also doesn't have the highest ISO capability now the DA in the good camera for us to test because the D and also the predecessor to the D D four S both have the same auto focusing system so if the D five is doing better than the DA we know it's also doing better than the D and do for us all the d one in good light to D five wins by an equally large margin in low light if you can't use flash the DVD was a much better choice for concerts and events like nighttime wedding receptions get usable pictures out of ice or three million you want but we applied thank entre not setting an artificial upper limit on the ice and because even if you don't ever have to use it it's there if you want it for it is rather do by Billie Jean I could keep going I'm just gonna stop for audio reese is ready if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter cuz I already posted these results but I've been trying to shoot my kids soccer game indoor soccer through net and seventy mark to couldn't do it and d mark couldn't do it and the DA couldn't do it buddy nailed it didn't mind shooting through thick black net and super dim light and in fact I have yet to find a real-world scenario where the D five won't they'll focus even with past action and you want the jpegs looks a lot better to have a lot of photographers will use jpegs so we didn't endure test and you know what happened the D more than twice as many sharp shots as the second place competitor which was the seventy mark too and that's amazing more than twice as much as I seventy mark to it's the combination really fast frame rate and an amazing focusing system that gets as close to a hundred percent as we can reliably measure so basically if you're shooting any kind of sports and you're having problems with the camera the D five is gonna solve that problem is all the time it preserves the best low-light images that we've ever seen let's just test the buffer out against the D shooting rock we should jpg for the stuff but sometimes you want to be able to have a little more control over at the decency to hundreds of brown already its build-up ok daddy slowing down just a little bit set the limit of it off I'll parachuting to a release that SEC's QD to stop their lineup you could see it really bad even once the buffer fills up again the next movie cards and faster than the effort to get the CAF variance in other lovers completely appalled at how fast you can still have a gig memory card you think that unstoppable focusing system and buffer that never seems to fill up that it would be perfect for wildlife separate the low megapixel count it's a twenty-one megapixel sensor and we tend to like really high megapixel sensors because with wildlife you almost always end up dropping here's a comparison shop with the decency two hundred and the D five you can see the apse sensor in the gives it two point six times the pixel density therefore because we had to crap anyway to get closer to that bird the decency two hundred picture looks far better than the much more expensive D yet if if you can get close enough to the animals to really feel the frame that you have huge glass and telling converters and wait patiently to get that close to the animals we can be good but in those cases the high frame rate and the fast focuses on helping you that much I actually for that kind of work I prefer a Canon d Essar because it has fifty megapixels that means I can prob little bit or I can make a bigger prints or just have tons of extra detail to work with so for me it's not a while but camera I'll tell you what wait until the d comes in because when the d comes in we're gonna get a bunch of Nikon wildlife lenses and we're going to give it a go and do wildlife photography with it and the D states and let's talk about the D five video camera capabilities I know it's a stills camera but nikon has made a big point of marketing that it can be a fork a camera now so the first thing we didn't get the camera is we had just in with their cameramen use it for other videos see how it worked and he hated it forty video lousy auto focusing and it has a three-minute recording limitation but can also use electronic viewfinder as anybody would mostly because of usability ugh for for example costs bucks and it's got an articulating touch screen which helps you focus and you can look forward to you can monitor yourself as electronic viewfinder you can look in when you're recording video out in the Sun it has things like hookah speaking and bucks and get a wide dynamic range mode I didn't have enough shark in a deep I've has a three minute recording limit three minutes and I know right now there's rumors that Nikon gonna give a firmware update that will give you minutes but i dont an icon and they wouldn't confirm or deny they wouldn't say anything about it so it might be coming but I don't want you to buy the D five thinking that you're gonna get minutes of recording and then never have materialized but the lure of the full frame fork a camera right the ability to record for both for cable get that beautiful background blur they get from all those inexpensive thirty five-millimeter lenses you don't get that either because it kind of . X crop on it so if you really want full frame for k you're better off with so many s in the in a seminar to also we found just what seems to be bugs in the deprived video and linked with my last has even those in test mode where it should have been locked into focus it just very slowly drifted out of focus over the course of the recording also even those in manual mode with me know I so it at one point that exposure to the brightness of the image just randomly changed I just still have no idea why I know I'm shitting all over the Nikon but I do think you Nikon for putting porque into a camera I'm glad even though it might not be the ideal video camera for everybody the fact that has forecast is better than not by the way it's tough to talk and play pool I'm not usually this bad so why every comparing this to the s another reason as to why we did test the a - and it's about a stop better than the original a seven but we did not buy the a subpoena student upgrade for ourselves because we never really needed III sounds like that and we'd like to see the Shogun record externally anyway but would you be about a better life and i know this high ISO is completely unusable but I would also like to thank my God for putting that in because what's the problem like why not I was always kind of this artificial software contract anyway why put an upper limit like the judge for an upper limit of ISO but why because you saw it it doesn't look that bad ones a little bit so just take away the equipment and let's go as high as we need to an end when you don't need it we want required used by some three million it's ridiculous looks terrible but I'll take away the limit their not there for a good reason for bucks probably not be happier with a DA better image quality just all around or maybe a d which will be testing soon be sure to subscribe to see that but there are a couple of people who the D five is right for sport retired refers especially those who have big glass and can fill the frame and therefore don't need to crop it was low-life photographers anybody who's going to be shooting at ISO end up on a regular basis people shooting wedding receptions and things like that don't get it just because you think everybody's going to be impressed or they're gonna think you're a pro because you bought the biggest body cuz that's just not the case you get a better grip and throat on another camera that'll that'll trickle of civilians and anybody who knows better won't be impressed by the camera that you bought anyway if you can't decide between the two cameras get both I know that's like came here but the detent is an ideal backup body because for those times when you do need that extra dynamic range and resolution it'll be there for you as a working pro you need to make sure that this is going to be a profitable decision for you so let's talk about depreciation D four S went on sale for $ and nowadays is going used for about $, you factor in your eBay transaction fees when you go to sell this camera at the end of its life you can probably expect it will cost you about a hundred and twenty bucks a month over its lifetime so can you turn a profit on that is going to make that big of a difference from whatever the lower cheaper body would have caused you kind of you to decide who should subscribe to your comparisons to the one the axe mark to Indy and we'll be testing it out with a bunch of wildlife lenses gonna follow questions for me just add a comment below you may like to help me out and subscribe and share with your friends also check out a book stunning digital photography photography book in the world of books on Lightroom and Photoshop all those are available free search for my name on Amazon is also a photographer you buying guide has lots of information like this about how to pick the best cameras and lenses and other photography accessories and get the most bang for your buck thanks daftar harga kamera gopro terbaru


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