Can Flaming iPhone 6s Survive 100 FT Drop into Kiddie Pool of Water?

what's up guys are welcome still upset against most lab today we've got a
00little bit of a special video we're gonna be testing out to iPhone successes
00we've got one rose golden ones face grave in a ghost atomic case the folks
0over at stake challenged us to set these phones on fire and drop them into a
00puddle of water we're going to stimulating that by setting them on fire
0with lighter fluid and then dropping them all the way up there and enjoy this
0little kiddie pool filled with a crap ton of water bottles it's gonna be epic
0let's get started so I just asked a Walmart employee they knew where kiddie
0pools were and also where kerosene lamp back-to-back-to-back and I like this
00looks promising right here I guess this is a six foot by one foot  inches tall
0and holds two hundred and fifty eight gallons of water so we're packing up the
0car and now we have the dolly correcto waters and we've got a generator and
we've got all the surface pro  used to run this and it's a ridiculous set up to
be able to do all this
the first me ready for this model so I didn't get some water in it that this
00video is gonna be actually lands in the cool
on the metal background in the middle need something stronger like gasoline to
0do you think this flaming I've had success will survive in the paula top
0left and do you think the ghost Dec one will survive
0also owns a year ago we're dropping in
oh yeah absolutely toast
completely just no screen turning the screen is turning on four hundred feet
0and the iPhone is still alive in the world that we are going to have to drop
this again hopefully we can land in the pool this time we're going to go for a
second assignment name a little bit to the right cause the wind is blowing the
last year ago
year ago
we got in the book I can see the numbers between the screen and burning good
year ago
according to the screens Wiggin out right now this creates a little glitch
0is going across but the fact that it's still on is amazing but look at that
0that is really funky lookin like three of me on the screen
overall the phone itself is intact there's no structural damage the screens
that shattered anyway it's just this glitch on the screen as far as I can
0tell also take a look at this this is where I was all set on fire and it's
actually ok well we give this a couple days to dry and it's still doing the
0glitz that's unfortunate
overall though that's still pretty impressive that this survive this well
well on fire dropping into a hundred foot little three-inch puddle of water
basically pretty freaking epic picked up to go stack for sending out the iPhones
in the cases and everything you want to go check out the ghost Tech cases on
0Amazon have a link down below
that's it for this week guys will see you next time